Ewa Tatar (it/her)

graduated in art history at the Jagiellonian University (2006), studied psychoanalysis at suny in Buffalo (usa). She is the author of dozens of exhibitions and curatorial programmes (including Chłoporobotnik i boa grzechotnik, 2016; Do zobaczenia po rewolucji. Wystawa na 100-lecie Bauhausu, 2018; Krzywe Koło, 2021) and several hundred texts on art. She is most fond of primary research and archive searches. Activist of the Grupa Granica, established in response to events taking place in the Polish–Belarusian border, she also works in the Stowarzyszenie Interwencji Prawnej (Association for Legal Intervention). She lives in Warsaw and the Podlasie (Podlachia) region.
ORCID 0000‑0001‑9163‑0822